My recent articles on Manoramaonline.

Quality of Death. Death is inevitable. People suffer needlessly because of ignorance and lack of planning early in life. This article talks about why we need to spend time discussing the topic of death (minus the melodrama) when we are still in good health.


The perfect diet. Summarises all the latest scientific evidence for the common man. Though the narration is in the South Indian context, the fundamental principles are universal.


Medical Hoaxes. This article an in-depth analysis on how and why all of us unwittingly believe and spread lies, and how our health could suffer if we didn’t know the truth from a lie. These lies get spread by email, WhatsApp and FaceBook.


First Aid: Are you able to help someone who suddenly collapses on to the ground? This article describes how to do first aid without any prior training. Easy and practical steps for the general public with simple explanation. Also includes an intro into mob psychology, which explains why people don’t come forward to help in an emergency.


Healthcare tips to survive a warm summer. Surprisingly simple measures get overlooked by people during hot summer weather.


Noise pollution. Noise is everywhere. Being a form of energy, it produces physical effects on the human body. This article discusses the medical and social aspects of noise pollution and offers practical strategies to curb it.


Transgenders. They are all around us, but we don’t the facts. This comprehensive article covers all aspects of the transgender phenomenon.


Doctor vs. Google! Many people attempt self-diagnosis using a Google search for convenience sake. What are the pros and cons? I wrote this article to explain how Google searches the internet, and how a doctor’s mind works. It is a long article, because the complexity of the topic demands adequate explanation in plain English.


Lab tests and scans are commonly done, but are they done for the right reasons? How are normal ‘ranges’ calculated? This article discusses in detail how a lab test, when not ordered correctly, can create more confusion than clarity.

Under-investigation is as common a problem as over-investigation.

Includes an introduction to essential biostatistics in simple, non-technical language. What is sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value of a test? What is an ROC curve?

Doctors will find it useful as a refresher course in statistics, while others will get a comprehensive picture of the world of medical investigation. A long read, essentially a review article.